Monday, March 31, 2008


I've finally been good enough to wash. ;)

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I tricked Thomas into going with me. However, he sucks at buying a ticket so he has to go another time as well!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A happy reunion

I finally got to see my kitchen table again! It's been a while. Too long, we both agree. One could argue I should have done more to keep contact but really? It's a two-way street! I didn't see the kitchen table making any effort either! ;)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Casually picking up guys

So the results from the poll got in. When I posted the poll, I was being rather cocky stating that surely I would be right when it was my blog. But it turned out that people didn't vote like I would have done. Let me go through the possibilities in the poll and comment on them.

0. It's a sin if you're not married! I think this one mostly got 3 votes because it's fun. I can't imagine that I have 3 friends thinking that premarital sex is a sin. Because, really? That's just absurd! As a friend of mine once said, "I don't believe in marriage without premarital sex." That might be a bit strong, after all you can get lucky. But I definitely get her point.

1. With 11 votes this was the winner. Even if you subtract 4 votes for my sister's excessive voting, it would still be a clear winner with 7 votes. I can sort of see the point here. Sort of. But I have to wonder. If only one person is okay within 24 hours, then how many are okay within 48 hours? 2 or still just 1? If the latter applies, then how long do you have to wait before you can pick somebody else up? Do you have to give the guy your number pretending you would really like him to call while he pretends he will call just to keep up some illusion of it being about more than sex? What if you try all evening picking up a guy but without luck? Is it just game over for the evening or are you allowed to pick up somebody else because you technically haven't been with anyone yet?

Yeah, that's a whole lot of wondering. If you plan on turning everything into a relationship, I can see how it might seem like a bad thing to pick up more than 1 person within 24 hours. But we're not talking relationships here. Besides, how will you ever get to participate in a threesome if you can't pick up more than one guy within 24 hours? Wait. I know several answers to that one.

2. This one got 2 votes. I'm not sure how I like this option. If you don't feel that 1 should be the limit, then why should it be 2? Sure, in practice you might never pick up 3 persons within 24 hours. But why shouldn't it be okay when 2 are? To me this option mostly seems like an option for people who have realized that perhaps it doesn't have to be about relationships but still quite haven't escaped the perceived societal pressure.

3 and 4. Neither of these received any votes. This makes perfect sense to me. Obviously societal pressure isn't your biggest concern, when you think it's okay to pick up more than 2 persons within 24 hours. So you might as well go all the way and state that there isn't any specific limit.

Unlimited, but don't let any of them know! To me this one is tacky at best. I can certainly see Tveon's point about how it's not really guaranteed to come up in the conversation. It's not like the first thing you do when you meet someone is to hand over a full report of your whereabouts for the last 24 hours. However, what I meant with this option was that you make a huge effort to avoid someone noticing that you've already picked up another person earlier. That I dislike. Sure, not mentioning it might be perfectly reasonably but actively concealing it? Yeah, not so much.

Unlimited, but don't make an effort to hide anything. By now it should be fairly obvious that this option got my vote. Why I think you shouldn't make an effort to hide anything, should be apparent from the last paragraph. So what's with the unlimited part? This might also be self-evident from my comments above. Nevertheless, I'll explain.

I don't really like rules of the type "If you get a girl's number, you cannot call before minimum 2.8 days later", "If you break up with someone, you cannot date anyone else before at least a month later", or "If you make out with someone, you have to wait minimum 24 hours before making out with someone else." What's with the fixation with hard numbers? I just find it silly.* If you need rules like that, you probably have another problem.**

I firmly believe that a lot of these rules were invented to make people appear different than they really are. And I don't think they work. If you're desperate, waiting 2.8 days before you call someone isn't going to chance that. If you're not desperate, calling before 2.8 days have passed isn't going to change that either.

So in the end I just don't believe in following rules like that to avoid people's judgment. If everyone involved is consenting adults, I say "Go for it!" Or, as Belle de Jour put it, "[D]on't ever turn down pleasure because you were afraid of what other people might say."

*Except for the Standard Creepiness Rule. I like that one. But of course everything happening between consenting adults is okay. And it doesn't work that well for people younger than 14.
**Which would explain my very firm and solid no relationships before June 22 2008 rule. I simply cannot be trusted to make sensible relationship decisions when I'm crushing on a guy.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


If there's snow at my birthday, I'll be sorta mad. ;)

Duvet covers

I finally bought a new set. Two, actually. The old one was broken and it sucked only having one. However, I did not realize that I bought one quite as purple as this one! ;)


I was all out. With this cool new Spiderman plaster I'm almost hoping I'll cut myself or get hurt in another way! ;)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Second away

Some people are less slim than me. ;)

Football time

Again! :D

And the results are in!

The results from the poll are in:
0. It's a sin if you're not married! 3 votes (14%)
111 votes (52%)
22 votes (9%)
30 votes (0%)
40 votes (0%)
Unlimited, but don't let any of them know!2 votes (9%)
Unlimited, but don't make an effort to hide anything3 votes (14%)

The total number of votes were 21. One have to note, though, that for some reason my sister was allowed to vote 4-5 times from the same computer. So she did. This has led to a large number of votes on 1. But even without my sister's votes, 1 would still be the winner.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Something went wrong here!

Friday, March 21, 2008


For some reason I end up drinking beer fairly often this month. ;)

Preparing for Sunday

Clean fan attire. :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'm feeling sophisticated! ;)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Being stalkable

If you haven't already voted in the poll, you got 5 days left to do so. So far 1 looks like the winner with 10 out of 19 votes or more than half the votes. Which leads me to my next point.

19 votes. I can't come up with 19 people I know who read my blog. And I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be reading this without knowing me. If I'm wrong, leave a comment and tell me so. I think it would be pretty cool if someone I didn't know actually read this.

It's fairly easy to find information about me on the Internet. That's because I like to hear from people whom I've lost contact with. So if you landed on this blog because you knew me but haven't talked to me in a while, feel free to contact me. Or if you just got to know me but didn't get any contact info on me, go ahead. Befriend me on Facebook, send me an e-mail, leave a comment or whatever. I'll look forward to hearing from you! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Danish versus Dutch

I think there might be a few differences between the two languages. ;)

Friday, March 07, 2008

Badass drink

Peter doesn't look like Harry Potter now.

Harry Potter

Peter looked funny when he was young!


How fast Thomas is drinking versus how fast I'm drinking. The empty one is mine...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Describing Mr. Right

I procrastinate a lot. It's really a bad habit for me. Anyway. Procrastination recently led me to the question, "What's your ideal boyfriend?" Which got me thinking. I'm not really sure about my answer to that question. I think it's a lot easier to answer what I don't want in a boyfriend than what I actually want.

So far I've been enjoying my single life and even considered if I want to end up with a boyfriend for the rest of my life. Team zebrahest is a pretty awesome team as it is. It's not like it needs another member. Perhaps I'll be exactly as content or even more just being me. Most likely it's fine either way.

But back to Mr. Right. The first thing that comes to mind is that he must see other people as individuals. I absolutely loathe stereotypes and I get very annoyed when people try to explain things with them. Sure, the brain likes to put people in boxes but don't assume that these boxes are fitting. I believe in evaluating people based on their actions and their words and not on some arbitrary stereotype.

Closely related to the previous point is that he mustn't be impressed by the fact that I'm a woman and do what I do/am what I am. I sometimes get the "You're a girl studying computer science. Wow! That's pretty impressive!" reaction from people. Really? Why would that be impressive? Because girls are naturally stupid and bad at technology so it's a miracle they could be be studying something like computer science? Yeah, that's not gonna succeed in picking me up. Often people don't realize that when they say that it's impressive that I am able to <whatever> and I'm a girl, they're really saying that girls normally aren't able to do that*. If you're going to ditch my gender, we're not going to have a future.

Wow. Got a little rant-y there. Back to the perfect guy. I'm a bit torn about interests. I don't want him to share all my interests. That would probably suffocate me. If I'm going to have a life with somebody else, I'll still want a life of my own as well. On the other hand it would just be weird to have absolutely nothing in common. As I said to Thomas earlier, "But come on! It would be weird having no shared interest. What would you do when you were together then? [pause] Oh wait. That was a silly question."

But anyway. I would probably like at least some common ground. Oddly enough I think I prefer the common ground not to be bridge, AGF, foosball, the same set of friends, or computer science. Those are all social things that I really enjoy and I prefer to just be me when doing them. Not part of a pair. A few of them could also just turn awkward if Mr. Right was really Mr. Wrong and he decided to hold a grudge against me. So perhaps common ground isn't really as important as just "clicking" in some way.

He must also be rational**. Here I don't mean that everything he does is perfectly thought through and he never makes any questionable decisions. I just mean that he must answer well to reason and arguments. He should also be emotionally mature and able to admit mistakes.

This is a bit long already and it no way near describes the ideal boyfriend. Ideal is also a bit strange. Because in reality something could most likely always be better. But I've described stuff that is important to me. A lot of guys live up to this but in the end it's more about "clicking" in some way, having fun together, and loving each other. That would be an ideal boyfriend even though some things might "rationally" be better.

* They might have statistics on their side here in the sense that girls haven't done that so often. But that doesn't mean we aren't able to do it. When one person can succeed in doing something, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that other people might be able to do that also. Regardless of gender or what other box they might belong to.
** No imaginary boyfriends here!


Time for ice. :)


Sleep well. :)