Friday, October 31, 2008

Changing the Language of Blogger's Spell Checker

I usually write my posts on my Mac (hence the title of the blog) with the aid of the system wide spell checker build into OS X. However, right now I don't have access to my own computer so -- as a concerned speller -- I figured I would just use the spell checker that Blogger offers.

That would have been great. Except the language of the spell checker was Danish. I looked for a place to change this, but no luck. Considering everything in my account is displayed in English, I found this behaviour rather strange. I did a few Google searches but nothing useful turned up.

Finally I tried changing the browser's accept language. That did the trick. Quite a hassle just to get a spell checker in English.

As an Apple fan girl I should of course have noticed the easy solution quite a bit earlier: Just install Safari and use the spell checker as I always do ...


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