Friday, October 31, 2008

Changing the Language of Blogger's Spell Checker

I usually write my posts on my Mac (hence the title of the blog) with the aid of the system wide spell checker build into OS X. However, right now I don't have access to my own computer so -- as a concerned speller -- I figured I would just use the spell checker that Blogger offers.

That would have been great. Except the language of the spell checker was Danish. I looked for a place to change this, but no luck. Considering everything in my account is displayed in English, I found this behaviour rather strange. I did a few Google searches but nothing useful turned up.

Finally I tried changing the browser's accept language. That did the trick. Quite a hassle just to get a spell checker in English.

As an Apple fan girl I should of course have noticed the easy solution quite a bit earlier: Just install Safari and use the spell checker as I always do ...


Tveon said...

I assume you used MS Internet Exploder? That is the only web browser I know, which don't have build in spell checking... Oh, neither does Lynx, but that is as much a browser as C is a programming language.

zebrahest said...

Nope, Firefox. It might have build in spell checking but it does not out of the box perform as you type spell check in text edit fields. But what do I know!? I always use Safari! It makes me a happier person! ;)