Friday, May 02, 2008

The Zebra Mug from Hell

My sister and her husband among many other things gave me these two mugs for my birthday:

When you lift them up, they make the sound of a zebra neighing. Fun and laughable, sweet and innocent? One would think so. Oh, one would. But as witnessed in this video,

the truth is quite another. One of the mugs is apparently obsessed by some evil soul causing it to neigh without any motivation whatsoever.

During any normal day this would just be irritating. Well, irritating doesn't quite cut it, but I guess it would be tolerable albeit very, very annoying. I live in a very small apartment. So imagine what happens when the Zebra Mug from Hell decides to start neighing at 7AM. That's right, I woke up.

I really didn't want to get out of bed and walk the 5 meters to my kitchen. But when the neighing didn't stop, I had to. I figured that maybe some other mug was teasing it causing it to think it was being lifted. It didn't seem so but I took out the mug and wrapped it in some clothes I had lying around, thinking that would fix it.

I hadn't been in bed very long before the neighing started again. I tried wrapping my head in the pillow but it didn't help. I could still hear the annoying sound. When I finally got up, I was so annoyed that I was about ready to "accidentally" drop the Zebra Mug from Hell on the floor. However, the better me won and I jammed it in between a few sweaters in my closet instead. That was the last I heard this morning.

When I finally got up, everything was fine and as the good person I apparently am, I freed the Zebra Mug from Hell and left it on my kitchen table. Here everything was fine until I got back from my grocery shopping. It has been neighing almost nonstop ever since.

Actually, just as I typed the above sentence the neighing stopped. I'll use the quiet time for studying!


zebrahest said...

Yeah. That silence didn't last long …

Anonymous said...

Have you got it to shut up?

zebrahest said...

Yes, it has been quiet for quite some time now. I almost feel safe.